Custom Engineered Plastics & Prototyping


Our customers rely on our engineering team to bring concept to life, review feasibility/ moldability, and develop the most efficient and repeatable methods of manufacturing at a competitive price. Our experts work closely with our customers and suppliers with openness and integrity. With deep partnering, each of us becomes committed to the success of the other.

SolidWorks Plastic Prototyping Design

  • Personalized Engineering Experts

  • State of the art 3D CAD Design

  • Prototyping/3D Printing (Art-to-part in 1-2 weeks)

Our engineering team is involved in your project from concept to operational excellence and are educated in the fields of Industrial Technology, Manufacturing, Mechanical Design and Plastics Materials.

  • Engineering/ Design Analysis

  • Monitoring Implementations

  • Packaging Requirements

  • Product Launch

  • Program Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Tool Modifications

Confidence that your concept becomes a reality.