Medical & Clean Room Injection Molding

All-Plastics has expertise in providing cost-saving, high quality solutions to the Medical Device industry. Our expertise in medical injection molding allow us to support tight tolerance micro-sized components to complete medical devices.
Our experts provide Project Management solutions from Concept to Operational Excellence, including full program documentation and component traceability.

Medical & Clean Room Injection Molding Capabilities

  • Wide range of best in class medical injection molding equipment (14 ton – 1,000 ton)

  • Class 100,000 Clean Room (ISO Class 8) injection molding capabilities

  • Full servo robotics & automation

  • Patented in-mold labeling & assembly capabilities

  • ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485: 2003 Certified 

  • Speed-to-Market

  • Class I/Class II medical devices

  • Full range industry leading secondary equipment and assembly

  • Processing expertise with a wide range of materials

  • Medical

Medical Applications & Industries

All-Plastics works with a variety of medical industries to help create, design, and mold custom applications and parts. Some of the medical markets we serve are:

  • Diagnostics

  • New Therapies

  • Orthopedic

  • Wound Management

  • Vascular

  • Disposables

  • Patient Monitoring 

  • Infection Prevention 

  • And More

Benefits & Features

Our medical plastic injection molding and clean room molding production solutions that increase quality, security and provide cost advantages for the Medical Market are:

  • Cavity Sorting 

  • Material Handling 

  • Over Molding 

  • Multi-shot Molding 

  • Assembly 

  • Insert Molding 

  • Precision Color Blending

  • Decoupled III Systematic Molding 

  • Product Validation 

  • Part Verification

  • Real Time Production Reporting

  • Product Development

  • Project Launch & Transfer

  • Program Management