All-Plastics Recognized Among Peers For Best Practices In Safety

All-Plastics, a Texas manufacturer known for high precision injection molding was presented with a first place award last week for Best Practices in Safety at the Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors (MAPP) Environmental Health and Safety Summit.

Best Practices in Safety awards were given to the top three Company submissions with the highest average scores. The MAPP team presented the top 10 submissions to all subscribers within their membership group of over 400 Companies for voting.  The peer to peer judging permits the Association to share best practices while allowing industry professionals to recognize and rank the best programs.

All-Plastics’ Safety Program is a continuous improvement program dedicated to advancement, communication and recognition. The 6S program is modeled after the Lean Certification Competency and Behavior Model with a measurement system to drive organizational safety practices, continuous improvement and awareness. The Company provides facility wide communication on health and safety through training’s, visual zone boards, safety signs, committee meetings, staff meetings and distribution of a monthly Narrative and Matrixes.

All-Plastics has an employee acknowledgement and award system in place to celebrate safety successes with monthly catered meals for no accidents/ recordables. In addition, an Employee Suggestion Program is in place for team members to share ideas on how to improve plant safety and streamline manufacturing processes for health and efficiency. Winners receive cash prizes and recognition quarterly and at the annual employee appreciation banquet.

“Congratulations to our All-Plastics Team”, says Thomas Houdeshell, CEO/ President. “We are elated to be recognized by our peers for our Safety Program. We feel a key strength of ours is our continuous improvement culture and we will continue to evolve and strive for excellence.”

All-Plastics touts that they are proud supporter and active member of MAPP. They value the benchmarking opportunities and plastic community building as their most admired membership assets.