ISO 13485

Production Inspector- Addison, TX

To sort, inspect, count, decorate (if required) and pack plastic parts as directed. Perform quality assurance tasks on the manufactured parts. This position requires shift-work.

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    The principal duties and responsibilities of the Production Inspector consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Perform certain quality assurance tasks on the manufactured parts, and count and box the parts.
    • Stack boxed parts of usually less than 30 pounds on skid for movement to warehouse.
    • Learn how to inspect each part for acceptability per Quality Assurance standards.
    • Keep work space clean and neat enough to permit safe operation. Clean space thoroughly at the end of shift.
    • Report immediately to supervisor or manager any time the machine or mold seems to be damaged or malfunctioning.
    • Report immediately to Team Lead, Process Technician, or Production Manager any time that molded parts in a cycle are unacceptable.
    • Assist other team members as indicated by the Team Lead. At times it will be necessary for a Production Inspector to perform various operations to a part after it is manufactured called “secondary operations.”
    • Bring all company provided tools to work every day regardless of machine assignment for that week. Production Inspectors will not be allowed to work without personal protection equipment.
    • Pass on any information concerning the job they are currently running to the next shift oncoming operator.
    • Perform any work assignment requested by the Production Manager or anyone officially in his capacity.
    • Perform all activities in conformance with AP policies, procedures and job descriptions.
    • Any other various duties as assigned


    Required: High School Diploma. Exceptions to this will be anyone hired before 2014 will be grandfathered in.

    SKILLS: Basic hand and eye coordination; Ability to add, subtract, and multiply.
    Job includes lifting, sitting, standing, walking, bending, kneeling, and use of hands and arms.
    Production Inspectors must have adequate manual dexterity to accomplish trimming with a sharp instrument, good eyesight and hearing.
    Job may require heavy lifting (Up to 30 lbs.).
    Peripheral vision and depth perception required to operate machinery.
    MENTAL: Must be able to read, write and speak English.

    Accuracy of +/- 25 Microns