ISO 13485

Secondary Solutions


    As an extension to our precision injection molding, All-Plastics provides a full range of value added industry leading secondary services as a turnkey solution.

    As a full service partner, we focus on quality through and through and provide precise solutions to meet our customers needs.

    Accuracy of +/- 25 Microns


    Offering Include:

    • Assembly

    Our assembly services integrate components efficiently and accurately. Utilizing advanced techniques and automated systems, we assemble complex products that meet exacting specifications, ensuring seamless functionality and superior performance. This capability enables us to handle high-volume production runs and complex custom assemblies easily.

    • Packaging/Kitting

    We provide custom packaging and kitting solutions that protect and organize your products. From design to execution, our packaging services ensure products are retail-ready, appealing, and preserved in transit, enhancing end-user satisfaction and brand integrity. Our tailored approach ensures that every package secures and enhances the product’s value and preserves the customer’s unboxing experience.

    • In-mold Labeling

    In-mold labeling combines the injection molding process with label application, embedding graphics directly into the plastic part during molding. This method offers unmatched durability and high-quality visuals that are resistant to wear, making it an ideal choice for branding and long-lasting product identification. The result is a seamless, integrated decoration significantly reducing labeling costs and increasing production efficiency.

    • Decorative Printing

    Our decorative printing services transform the aesthetic appeal of your products. Whether through pad printing, screen printing, or hot stamping, we provide precise, vibrant, and wear-resistant decorations that elevate product appeal and differentiate your brand in the marketplace. This versatility in printing techniques allows us to offer customized solutions that meet the unique branding needs of every client.

    • Ultrasonic Welding

    Ultrasonic welding is a fast, efficient, and clean method to join plastic components without the need for adhesives or solvents. This technology is perfect for creating strong bonds crucial in high-stakes applications such as medical devices and automotive components. Additionally, ultrasonic welding is environmentally friendly, reducing the need for consumables and waste.

    • Spin Welding

    Spin welding provides robust, hermetic seals for circular thermoplastic parts. Our expertise ensures high-quality joins that maintain the integrity and functionality of parts subjected to various stresses. This method is particularly effective for creating watertight seals essential in applications like fluid containers and filtration systems.

    • Insert Molding

    Insert molding allows for integrating metal and other non-plastic components into injection-molded parts. This process enhances the mechanical properties of plastic parts, providing improved structural strength and added functional features. It also allows for greater design flexibility and can help reduce assembly time and costs by integrating multiple features into a single part.

    • Machining

    We offer precision machining services to achieve tight tolerances and complex geometries that injection molding cannot accomplish alone. Our machining capabilities ensure that every detail of your product meets precise specifications with high-quality finishes. This process is essential for creating highly accurate parts required in critical applications such as aerospace and medical devices.

    • Heat Staking

    Heat staking is used to join plastic parts or mechanical components together, creating a permanent bond without the use of adhesives. This process is ideal for assembling components in electronic devices and other consumer products, where space and reliability are critical. Heat staking also enhances the product’s durability by creating strong mechanical bonds without damaging the integrity of the plastic.

    • Various Testing Capabilities

    Our comprehensive testing services validate the quality, durability, and performance of your products. From stress tests to environmental simulations, we ensure that every product meets real-world conditions and exceeds customer expectations. These tests are conducted in our state-of-the-art facilities, providing consistent results and enabling rapid iterations based on findings.

    • Shipping & Logistics Support

    All Plastics not only manufactures your parts but also ensures they reach their destination efficiently and safely. Our integrated shipping and logistics support streamlines the supply chain, reducing costs and delivery times while maintaining product integrity throughout transit. We offer customized logistics solutions, including tracking and expedited services, to meet each client’s unique distribution needs.