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A Scientific Injection Molding Company

About Us

All-Plastics, LLC, is a cutting-edge leader in advanced manufacturing and project management and utilizes scientific injection molding technology and techniques. All-Plastics pairs proven quality and efficiencies with an expert team of engineers and sales leaders to bring an accomplished, dependable experience to each customer transaction in the pharmaceuticals, medical, industrial, packaging and consumer markets.

All-Plastics’ analytical engineers offer best-in-class expertise backed by engineering centers, automation, and a full service quality lab and tool room to master the most complex injection molding projects. There are two facility locations outside San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. Scientific injection molding certified processors, master molders, on staff.


2018 Best Practices in Safety, First Place, Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors
2017 Educational Outreach Award, Third Place, Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors
2011 Employee Relations Award, Plastics News
2010 Processor of the Year Finalist, Plastics News


Our Affiliations

Markets We Serve


At All-Plastics, we deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique demands of various industries. Our commitment to excellence and the latest technology positions us as one of the trusted injection molding companies in Texas across diverse markets. 


Pharmaceutical Solutions


Precision and compliance stand out as crucial factors in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape. All-Plastics is dedicated to providing customized injection molding in Texas that meets the stringent requirements of the state’s pharmaceutical sector.


Our analytical engineers and certified scientific injection molding experts ensure the production of high-quality components crucial to the exacting standards of injection molding in Dallas. With a focus on precision and reliability, we are your trusted partner in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Medical Advancements


All-Plastics is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge medical solutions through scientific injection molding in Texas. Our expert team of engineers collaborates seamlessly to manufacture intricate medical components with the utmost precision. We work closely with our clients, from conceptualization to production, empowering medical companies and providing unparalleled quality and dependability.


Packaging Excellence


Efficiency and aesthetics converge in the packaging industry, where every detail matters. Our team excels in providing comprehensive packaging solutions that merge form with function, making us one of the premier injection molding companies in Texas. We are equipped with scientific injection molding tools, allowing them to craft packaging components that enhance presentation and preserve product integrity.


Industrial Efficiency


All-Plastics offers customized solutions to industrial facilities needing injection molding in Dallas. We aim to address the unique challenges of the industrial sector, providing robust and efficient solutions while reducing costs.


Our certified processors and master molders collaborate seamlessly to produce well-designed components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in industrial environments. As one of the leading injection molding companies in Texas, All-Plastics is committed to achieving industrial excellence through precision and innovation.


Why Choose All-Plastics for Reliable Injection Molding in Texas

Your Trusted Partner Providing Reliable Injection Molding Solutions


All-Plastics provides unmatched injection molding solutions in Dallas, TX. Our certified expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to quality make us the trusted partner for precision molding across diverse industries.


Here are some of the cutting-edge benefits you access when working with us.


Injection Molding Experts


At All-Plastics, we understand the distinct needs of each market we serve, and our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive components and solutions that drive their success in their respective industries.


Our seasoned team of injection molding experts brings unparalleled knowledge, ensuring precise and efficient production. You can trust our expertise to navigate complex projects, delivering superior Texas injection molding industry results.


Advanced Designs and Performance


Our team leverages systematic decoupled molding technology, processes, and techniques. Using eDART equipment and pressure sensors, our professionals perform quality control measures, ensuring precise production and extending the mold life.


Our team ensures optimized mold design, reducing any trial and error. Our pre-production process covers various product aspects and features, including:


  • Molecular orientation
  • Shrink, warp, and gas trap areas of concern
  • Melt Flow Simulation
  • Process parameters and simulation
  • Material viscosity curves


Efficient Tool Building


Our team specializes in developing precise and highly aesthetic components. Our professionals use the latest tools and techniques to meet all stringent standards and industry specifications while ensuring your products can be competitively priced.


Our All-Plastics facility features in-house tool rooms outfitted with all essential tools, including:


  • Die separators
  • Laser welders
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Mills
  • Lathes
  • CNC routers
  • EDM
  • Grinding equipment
  • Welding machines


Our fully-equipped facility allows our specialists to build, engineer changes, repair, gauge, and perform preventive maintenance.


Quality Injected Molded Parts


Combining scientific processing, vigorous mold builds, and robust product design, our team manufactures products with zero defects. We ensure documented quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Our facility is equipped with an in-house laboratory, calibrated and maintained for testing various parts and product components. Our team can perform consistent and accurate inspections, reducing contamination and providing documented validation.


Our quality testing capabilities include:


  • FT-IR Spectroscopy
  • ICP-AES analysis
  • Moisture Analysis
  • Temperature and humidity tests
  • Dimensional measurements
  • ICP-AES analysis
  • Weight scales


Accuracy of +/- 25 Microns