ISO 13485

Pharmaceutical Injection Molding


    All-Plastics has documented success delivering defect free plastic packaging and drug delivery devices to the Pharmaceuticals industry where proper dose administration and efficacy are critical.

    Our experts provide Project Management solutions from Concept to Operational Excellence, including full program documentation and component traceability.

    Accuracy of +/- 25 Microns


    Pharmaceutical Applications

    All-Plastics helps create, design, and mold a variety of custom high volume disposable Pharmaceutical injection molding solutions to reliably hold, seal, or dispense products. Some of the types of products we produce are:

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    • › Caps
    • › Specimen Cups
    • › Jars
    • › Applicators
    • › Devices
    • And More…

    White Space & Clean Room Injection Molding Capabilities

    • Wide range of best in class medical injection molding equipment (tonnage 14 – 1,000/ shot size 0.358 – 288 oz)
    • Class 100,000 Clean Room (ISO Class 8) injection molding
    • Class 10,000 Clean Room (ISO Class 7) injection molding
    • Hardwall & Portable Clean Rooms
    • Patented in-mold labeling & assembly capabilities
    • Complete Quality Control & Inspection
    • Shot-by-shot Part Traceability
    • ISO 13485: 2016 Certified;
    • IQ/OQ/PQ Validation, Per Customer Requirements
    • Fully Automated Work Cells: servo robotics, vision systems, box loaders & more
    • Speed-to-Market
    • Class I/Class II/ Class III devices
    • Full range industry leading secondary equipment and assembly
    • Processing expertise with a wide range of materials

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    Our pharmaceutical plastic injection molding and clean room molding production solutions that increase quality, security and provide cost advantages for the Pharmaceuticals Market are:

    • Cavity Sorting
    • Decoupled III Systematic Molding
    • Material Handling
    • Product Validation
    • Over Molding
    • Part Verification
    • Multi-shot Molding
    • Real Time Production Reporting
    • Assembly
    • Product Development
    • Insert Molding
    • Project Launch & Transfer
    • Precision Color Blending
    • Program Management