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Plastic Molded Consumer Products


    All-Plastics has over fifty years of expertise in processing highly cosmetic injection molded parts for the consumer industry. Our technologically advanced capabilities and secondary operations have made us a premier source for development of some of the most well-known consumer products on the market today.

    Our experts provide Project Management solutions from Concept to Operational Excellence, including full program documentation and component traceability.


    Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding


    You can find plastic nearly everywhere because of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the production process. Injection molding, which is the method we use here at All-Plastics, can produce thousands of plastic components quickly. This creates boundless opportunities for applications in a variety of industries. 


    Aside from fast production, the following are the top benefits of plastic injection molding:


    Produces Complex Designs


    Manufacturing extremely complex parts becomes possible while maintaining uniformity throughout production through injection molding. Even if you require millions of plastic components, injection molding can help create identical pieces.


    Enhanced Durability


    The durability of plastics has dramatically increased in the past couple of years. They can now be subjected to extreme temperatures without altering their chemical composition. In addition, today’s lightweight plastics can be formulated to meet specific characteristics and requirements.


    Material and Color Flexibility


    With plastic injection molding, you can choose any material for the part. Mixing two types of plastics to make one component is also possible. In addition, plastics can be colored using a wide range of techniques. Liquid color, masterbatches, “salt and pepper” blends and pre-colored resins are the most widespread coloring methods for plastic components. However, combining varying materials can be highly complex. Therefore, the manufacturer’s expertise is instrumental in mitigating injury risks and failed procedures.


    Low Labor Costs


    Compared with other types of molding, plastic injection requires low labor costs since it can automatically produce materials at very high speeds. In any industry, a high output rate also means cost-effectiveness.


    Reduces Waste


    Here at All-Plastics, our machinery is exact and produces less waste. But excess materials can’t be avoided, so that’s why we created a solid system that recycles leftover products.


    Top Three Industries that Benefit from Plastic Components


    The following are the top industries that utilize plastic-molded products in their operations:




    The versatility of plastic injection molding greatly benefits the construction industry. With injection molding, making any structural component is possible. In addition, the process is more cost-effective than making parts from other materials like wood and metal. The most commonly produced plastic products for the construction industry are fasteners, hand tools and small to large accessories.




    Another industry that benefits from plastic injection molded components is the automotive industry. Initially, the procedure was just used to manufacture decorative elements, but in the late 70s, plastic injection molding became the preferred method of creating auto parts. Today, many aspects of a vehicle are made from this process, including dashboards, bumpers, car handles, intake manifolds, headlamps and numerous under-the-hood elements.


    Food and Beverage


    The food and beverage industry is a highly regulated trade to ensure that industrial plastic components and containers are safe to consume. At All Plastics, we use food-grade materials when making components that touch food. We also ensure that the materials remain stable throughout their lifecycle and durable even when exposed to UV radiation and fluctuating temperatures.


    Accuracy of +/- 25 Microns


    Consumer Markets and Industries Served

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    • › Safety
    • › Education
    • › Recreation
    • › Lawn & Garden
    • › Pet Care
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    Consumer Molding Capabilities

    Production solutions that increase quality, security and provide cost advantages for the Consumer Market are:

    • Cavity Sorting
    • Material Handling
    • Patented In-mold Labeling
    • Over Molding
    • Multi-shot Molding
    • Assembly
    • Insert Molding
    • Precision Color Blending
    • Decoupled III Systematic Molding
    • Part Verification
    • Real Time Production Reporting
    • Product Development
    • Project Launch & Transfer
    • Program Management

    Benefits of Our Injection Molding Request a Quote

    Our experts provide Project Management solutions from Concept to Operational Excellence, including full program documentation and component traceability.

    • Best in class injection molding equipment (tonnage 14 – 1,000/ shot size 0.358 – 288 oz)
    • Fully Automated Work Cells: servo robotics, vision systems, box loaders & more
    • ISO 13485: 2016 Certified;
    • Full range industry leading secondary equipment, assembly, in-mold labeling, decorative printing and individualized packaging options to support direct shipping
    • Processing expertise with a wide range of materials