ISO 13485

Scientific Injection Molding Techniques


    At All-Plastics, our Master Molders provide enhanced injection molding through Scientific Molding techniques. Our techniques improve quality, consistency, while optimizing efficiency and performance. Providing high quality products is our #1 priority and we will take every precaution in guaranteeing all products meet all requirements.

    Consistent & Robust Processes Improve Quality & Speed to Market

    We have invested in state-of-the-art technology designed to limit the amount of variation inherited in the processing of injection molding plastic componentry. We have created the ability to truly mold components that cycle constraints are limited to the part geometry.

    ABILITY TO FOOL PROOF PROCESSES TO ENSURE ZERO DEFECTS Systematic methodology to process development that can reduce part quality variations.

    Accuracy of +/- 25 Microns


    RJG eDART Quality Molding

    RJG eDART systems are used extensively throughout our plants and we are assured quality parts shot after shot with real time process control. The eDART system allows us to control the entire plastic injection molding process and pinpoint, diagnose and resolve problems faster throughout the molding process.

    • Automatically sort parts using meaningful process alarms
    • Individual part traceability for every cycle
    RJG Training facility with Master Molders on Staff

    As an intricate part of the RJG technology, cavity pressure sensing technology allows All-Plastics to produce superior quality products through precise injection molding capabilities. Cavity pressure technology utilizes a number of sensors throughout the molding process in order to determine optimum results in the qualification process.

    • Relative Viscosity: determines optimum fill rate to reduce inconsistencies
    • Cavity Balance: determines if cavities are properly filled
    • Gate Seal Analysis: packs the same amount of plastic from shot to shot

    What is Scientific Injection Molding?

    Not familiar with Scientific Injection Molding?

    Scientific injection molding or Decoupled Molding is a systematic approach to molding that accepts the scientific principle of plastic behavior and combines them with the known variables which we can control.

    Advantages of a Decoupled Process Request a Quote

    • Quantitive measurables: minimize start up times, cycle times, root cause problem solving, scrap and process inconsistencies while maximizing efficiencies and profitability.
    • Process development and method of solving problems consistent between technicians, presses, molds and companies.
    • Independent process sheets regardless of machine type (toggle, hydraulic, electric, etc.) because process is developed by “what the plastic feels” as opposed to machine inputs.
    • Fool-proofing your process to guarantee consistent quality of a molded part regardless of machine, material or mold inconsistencies.