10 Injection Molded Objects You Use Everyday

Injection molding is a popular technology used by many household product manufacturers today. Some may be surprised that many everyday items they use are made using this technology. Everything from flower pots, packaging containers, phone cases and medical syringes are all injection molding products. Sometimes, these things make you wonder how to mold plastic at home.


Here is a list of everyday items that people use daily at work and home that are products made by injection molding.


Plastic Cups and Glasses


These items are some of the most common products made by injection molding. Plastic glasses and cups are lightweight, durable and reusable, making them a practical choice for everyday use. In addition, these items can be designed for casual and formal use.


Phone Cases


Phone cases can have plastic molded parts offering essential properties such as scratch and impact resistance. They can be designed in various styles, allowing access to ports and buttons.


Keyboard Keys


The keys on your keyboard are manufactured using ABS plastic. It can be shaped into various forms and provide good tactile feedback.


Toothbrush Handles


This is another one of the most common injection molding products people use daily. Many toothbrush handles are made using a thermoplastic polymer such as polypropylene. These materials are lightweight, durable, impact-resistant, recyclable and food safe.


Remote Control Cases


When you drop and break your remote control, sometimes it can make you wonder if it is worth learning how to mold plastic at home so you can fix it yourself. Many remotes we use at home are encased in injection molded plastic shells, providing protection for the electronic parts.


Toy Figurines


Many toys and toy parts are made using injection molding technology. This technology is often used to produce toy figurines of various sizes. Manufacturers can produce intricate details and a wide array of designs and apply multiple colors. Due to their versatility and affordability, toy figurines have become popular among enthusiasts and collectors alike.


CD Cases


Injection molding allows manufacturers to create robust CD cases designed to protect and store compact discs and similar data storage items. These cases can be made using transparent or opaque plastic, which allows you to see or label each disc contained in the case. These materials feature a hinged design, allowing for easy access to the disc held within while providing protection from scratches and dust that can damage the item within.


Packaging Containers


Many packaging containers have plastic molded parts. The most common containers produced using this technology include storage boxes, cosmetic jars and food containers. These lightweight containers are designed to be stackable, making them easy to store and organize. They also feature secure closures, which ensure the safety of their contents. In addition, many of these packaging containers are made from recyclable materials.


Automotive Parts


Many parts of your car were manufactured using injection molding technology. This precise and accurate process can be used to make everything from the door knobs to dashboard components and interior trim pieces. Plastic car components are designed for heat resistance and durability. 


Injection molding technology allows manufacturers to create aesthetically pleasing features for your car’s interior and other parts. In addition, the process allows for the rapid production of complex shapes in various dimensions, which meet the high demands of the automotive industry.


Medical Syringes and Other Equipment Components


Injection molding plays a vital role in the field of medicine, where various items and pieces of equipment need to be designed precisely according to certain specifications. Syringes and other medical equipment undergo strict quality control in compliance with today’s medical standards.


Injection molding allows for the precise manufacturing of various parts of medical equipment. Manufacturers can produce thousands of these essentials to meet the needs of hospitals and other healthcare centers. Furthermore, this process can produce sterile components that are safe to use in different medical procedures.


Benefits of Injection Molding


Injection molding offers plenty of benefits for everyone, which is why it is the preferred manufacturing method for producing many everyday items:


  • Cost Efficiency: This process can be used for high-volume manufacturing operations and significantly reduces production costs.
  • Design Flexibility: Injection molding offers exceptional design flexibility, allowing manufacturers to add specific branding details incorporating various design features, colors and geometries into different products.
  • Efficient Production: After the mold is created, the manufacturing process can be repeated rapidly and efficiently with minimal errors.


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