Blog: “Trade War” Brings Opportunity to U.S. Manufacturing

By: Thomas Houdeshell

We have been watching the “trade war” closely to determine the impacts it will have on our business as a U.S. component manufacturer. We have been competing against China’s unfair trade practices including currency manipulation and subsidized material costs for decades. We have felt the effects first hand throughout the years and have lost jobs and potential projects to off shoring. We have invested in our workers through education and training and invested in our facilities through technology and advancements to be competitive and provide a better level of service and quality. Regardless, we still lose projects to offshoring daily due to the uneven playing field.

We anticipate a dramatic effect at the first of the year when the 25% tariffs are in effect. Trump is finally bringing light to the elephant in the room and how the Chinese have taken advantage of us for years at the expense of American jobs and business prosperity. We look at this “trade war” as an opportunity. Our pipeline is more robust than it has ever been and we foresee lots of opportunity for new growth, new equipment investments and new capabilities. We look forward to expanding our workforce, providing more robust employee programs and infusing more money into our economy.