All-Plastics Expert Tip: Benchmarking

Jennifer Latiolais serves as All-Plastics’ Marketing & Development Manager. As a development expert, Jennifer knows how crucial benchmarking can be in driving business improvements.

At All-Plastics our commitment is to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. Throughout each year we participate in a number of benchmarking studies with the industries best data companies and associations.

Our goal is to offer competitive packages and offerings to our employees and our customers. This is why we are dedicated to continuously benchmark ourselves among all plastics processors in our industry. Some of the many benchmarking study’s we participate in are to rank and provide statistics on industry machine rates, employee wages, innovation, best in class systems and more.

Next month we will attend and participate in our industry’s Benchmarking and Best Practices annual conference. We plan to gain insight on the overall industry and learn from our peers in best practices breakout sessions. We are also looking forward to presenting about best practices in Marketing.

As we approach the end of the year our team will review all of the statistics and reporting captured from these studies and this conference to provide comprehensive action plans of improvement in areas we see fit.