All-Plastics Focuses on Precision

All-Plastics, LLC, a Texas based custom injection molder, diversifies its core offerings by focusing on precision.  It has been no secret that the company has re-invented itself over the last 24 months since the change in leadership. The company is now re-directing its focus to hone in on the core of their business, precision, and adding supporting new capabilities to acquire new partnerships.

In 2013 when the company lost on of the largest U.S. Health and Beauty companies to China manufacturing, the leadership determined they needed to diversify the companies offerings and brought in Thomas Houdeshell, 30 year plastics industry veteran to implement lean principles, decoupled molding, documented process controls and management matrixes.

The steady implementations in technology and re-structuring of the workforce and culture has put the company in a competitive position to provide precision componentry and assemblies and land new key partnerships to grow the business.

“We have the capabilities of the largest molders out there with a small business mindset where we can make investment decisions to establish and grow partnerships quickly,” says Thomas Houdeshell, President. “We thrive on our successes of providing tight tolerance componentry and finished assemblies to customers who needed controlled processing for high liability componentry but weren’t able to find the right partner before.”

Being largely into scientific molding, the company utilizes decoupled molding techniques, robotics, RJG eDARTS coupled with pressure sensors for 100% part inspection and IQMS for real-time statistical process control. All-Plastics continues to re-invest in training for advanced technologies and has Master Molder’s on staff. As a full service partner, the company offers turnkey solutions as an extension to their core business and has a full range of value added industry leading secondary services and equipment on-site.

Recent investment in new offerings have been focused around quality reporting and precision color blending. All-Plastics provides precise color manufacturing through the use of Plastrac gravi metric color blenders and spectrophotometers to track delta e changes to ensure quality requirements. They have also expanded their quality capabilities and allow customer access to specific real time process data, CPK, CP, X Bar & R Charts through IQMS’ Quality Management System.